8 ways to keep fit at home

8 ways to keep fit at home


However, it is not always easy to persevere in the practice of a sporting activity. For this reason, solutions for staying in shape fit at home are so attractive: they are less expensive (if not outright free), they allow much greater time flexibility and everyone can put together an exercise program from the card that perfectly meets their personal needs. The best physical activity is the one you can sustain over the long term: here are 8 ways to get started!

Do strength exercises

Today, it is very easy to find muscle-building exercise programs, whether on the Internet or in specialized books that can be purchased or borrowed from the library. Anyone can concoct a personalized program according to their objectives ( weight loss , strengthening of back muscles, etc.) and the time allotted (example: 3 weekly sessions of 20 min.)

Most exercises only require a simple floor mat, comfortable clothes… and motivation! To do this, just listen to music or do your exercises in front of the TV! It is important to start your session with small warm-ups (example: Jumping Jacks) and end with some stretching to avoid aches and reduce the risk of injury.


Stretching can be a whole exercise program on its own . Many websites and specialized books are full of useful information and sequences to practice.


No need to know how to dance, nor to have a partner. Just put on some upbeat music and go!

Make a “gym” corner

Depending on the space you have, it may be practical to reserve a place in your home with all the equipment you need to practice your favorite physical activities already ready for use. It can be a simple floor mat, a jump rope, elastic bands, dumbbells… just like an indoor cycle, a treadmill, etc.

Take online courses

Yoga, zumba, aerobics… the range of activities to follow online is constantly expanding. Less expensive than “physical” courses, online courses offer many other advantages: flexible schedule, possibility of rewinding the video to review a movement, no trip out of the house, etc. In addition, some platforms allow for personalized follow-up with a remote trainer .

Incorporate exercise into daily tasks

It is always advantageous to adopt healthy lifestyle habits which, once well integrated, will allow you to stay in shape even without practicing a specific sporting activity: take the stairs instead of the elevator, get off the bus or the metro a station earlier and finish the journey on foot, take a short walk after the meal, etc.

There are also a multitude of little tips to sprinkle your day with strength training or stretching exercises while going about your daily activities.

Eat well

When it comes to getting in shape or maintaining a healthy weight , diet plays a major role in optimizing energy levels. It is therefore important to limit industrial prepared meals, sugary drinks, alcohol as much as possible and to bet on balanced meals such as the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole cereals and lean proteins, without forgetting to drink a lot of ‘water!

Walking and running

In addition to their benefits on endurance, they allow you to get some fresh air, which improves your mood and helps you stay in shape.

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