5 good reasons to moisturize your hands every day and all year round

5 good reasons to moisturize your hands every day and all year round


Hand cream, we generally think of it in winter, when the cold attacks us and we have no choice if we want to calm the cracks that have appeared. However, taking care of your hands with a moisturizer is important all year round if you want to preserve their natural beauty .

Here are 5 good reasons to apply a hand cream every day and all year round:

  1. The skin on the hands is very thin, especially on the top . It can therefore more easily crack if its flexibility is not preserved on a daily basis.
  2. The skin of the hands does not have a sebaceous gland , so it does not produce a protective hydrolipidic film like the rest of the body. It is therefore necessary to regularly provide it with fatty substances to nourish it, repair it and protect it.
  3. The hands are one of the most exposed parts on a daily basis, even more than the face: sun, pollution, friction, detergent products… We wash them more often, especially at this time. They are therefore hyper attacked while their skin is fragile.
  4. For all the reasons explained above, the skin of the hands shows more signs of aging . So why take care of his face if it’s to be betrayed by our hands?

Hand cream, the important care for everyday life

To apply a hand cream, you don’t need to have taken the time to transform your bathroom into a spa, you don’t need to have time on weekends when the kids are at sports or your significant other is dozing on the sofa. . Hand cream is THE CARE ON THE GO. You can apply it at any time of the day, at the office, in your car, while waiting for friends at restaurants (when they are reopened :))… It’s the perfect little relaxation break, you pamper yourself with a relaxing hand massage and enjoy the sweet scent of the cream to get away from it all. If that’s not a great reason to adopt hand cream every day!

Well, now you know ;)! Putting hand cream on a daily basis, summer and winter, is THE BASIS! Depending on the season, you can opt for a light cream that penetrates quickly and rich in moisturizing bodies such as glycerin or Aloe Vera, or a richer cream with shea butter and olive oil to repair, nourish and replenish.

You can apply your hand cream several times a day and to remember, you can integrate it into your hand washing routine, right after drying them; before to sleep; when you open your computer…

Oh and of course, if we apply a natural hand cream that is healthier for the skin, we also think about using soaps and natural household products to avoid chemical aggressions 🙂

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