Fruit “GUAVA” Can be Beneficial for Your Health

Fruit “GUAVA” Can be Beneficial for Your Health


Scientifically known as Psidium Guajava, guava is quite underrated fruit. If you ask anyone around you about their favourite fruit, their answer might be mango, apple, or banana. In rare conditions, you will hear guava as someone’s favourite fruit. Many people don’t eat this fruit because of the presence of those tiny hard seeds that irritate their teeth and halt them from enjoying the taste of guava. But, everyone must be aware of the benefits given by this fruit which can be checked by performing a CBC Home Exam on that person who is in a considerable amount. It is also known for reducing the risk of cancer development. Thus, to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, women should eat abundant guavas and perform CA125 Lab Exam.

CA125 and CBC Home Exams for knowing the benefits of underrated fruit, guava.
Get checked for the action of guava

Through this article, let’s understand the health benefits of guava so that every start to add this underrated fruit to their checklist.

Guava Juice can be Good for Your Blood Pressure. Check with CBC Profile Exams

Many studies have made it familiar that guava can be very helpful in maintaining normal blood pressure in humans. It is full of vitamin C, which is a good nutrient for BP patients. Fibre, potassium, and other vital compounds are also present in this fruit. Suppose you prefer to consume this fruit in the form of juice. It will give you a tasty feel without the irritation of its tiny, hard seeds.

But, it is necessary to note that role of guava in maintaining blood pressure needs more research and studies. Thus it will be good to consult a doctor and perform a blood screening for further evaluation.

Guava Is also Good for Diabetic Patients. 

This fruit has a blood-sugar lowering power, which reduces insulin resistance with diabetes. Various studies have shown this property, but still, more research is needed to confirm this role. Therefore, get a CBC Health Exam and know your diabetic progress. Diabetes can be a challenging phase for many. Avoiding sugary items, along with many other tasty dishes, is a tricky thing.

Moreover, it comes with the stress of diet, blood sugar levels, and complex medicinal regimens. Those who like sweet items suddenly know they have diabetes; this would be the worst news for them as they must avoid sweets for a lifetime. But they can still enjoy guava juice which contains natural sugar that is good for a diabetic person.

Guava Can also Work to Prevent Cancer.

Cancer is emerging vastly in this world. But still, there is no medication or cure available for this fatal disease. However not proven various food items reduce the risk of cancer. One such is guava. This fruit and its leaves are also known for showing anti-cancer properties. Researchers suggest eating guava without peeling its upper skin. Moreover, the red-coloured guavas are much more nutritious than the green ones.

Ladies in their old age must add guava to their daily diet to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. In old age, the chances of this cancer increase very much. CA125 Profile Exam can detect this in its early stage. Thus, with regular CA125 Profile Exams, ladies can add a guava diet to their cancer-preventing habits.

Loose Weight with CBC Blood Exams and Guava Juice

Weight loss is the dream of every fat person. However, those who come under the category of healthy people also consider themselves overweight and want to lose weight. Psidium Guajava is a good source of vitamins, minerals, protein, and dietary fibre. Additionally, it does not have cholesterol and has significantly less amount of carbohydrates, which means it has very less sugar. This will help in better absorption of nutrients and maintain proper metabolism. Hence, anyone struggling to lose weight can add guava juice to their daily regime. However, it would be better to perform a CBC health checkup before and after starting this juice on a regular basis. It would be much better to consult a dietician about this.

Consume Guava Juice and perform Regular CBC Blood Exams to enjoy its other benefits.

Other than the four benefits mentioned above, there are several more advantages that guava gives us, and those are:

  • It contains trace elements like copper which can help to regulate the production and absorption of thyroid hormone in the body.
  • Guava juice can also help with dengue disease. It works to reduce the intensity of dengue fever.
  • It can also help to relieve long-term or chronic pain.
  • Vitamin B in this fruit makes it suitable for maintaining blood flow, which will help in good brain functioning.
  • Magnesium is also present in it, which helps in relaxing the muscle.
  • Pink guava juice will act as sunscreen as pink guavas contain lycopene antioxidants, protecting the skiing from sun damage.

Science has yet to prove these benefits. Thus, before going to apply these points, it’s better to go for a health checkup to know your inner body needs. It would be much better to consult a doctor or dietician about these benefits and the use of guava.

Can Guava Juice consumption interact with any active Medications? Know with CBC Type Exams. 

If we look at the scientific basis, there are no such authentic reports of the interaction of guava consumption with any of the medications. However, taking early prevention can always be better than spending and worrying about the cure. Therefore, it is best to follow the advice of your healthcare provider, who might as you in performing regular health checkups. Moreover, guava is a natural fruit that can be consumed as a routine fruit, but the problem comes with its overuse or misuse. So, to avoid that problem, it would be better to go for health checkups. CA125 Virus Exam can also be resumed for preventing ovarian cancer and using guava juice.


Fruits are best for our health. They serve several benefits that make a human healthy and happy. Guava is one such fruit that offers abundant advantages. So, one can consume it to rejuvenate their health. With regular CA125 Home Exams, using guava juice can help reduce the chances of ovarian cancer. Moreover, this fruit, along with CBC Lab Exam, can help to prevent and cure many health issues.

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