Exercising at home: 5 tips for staying in shape

Exercising at home: 5 tips for staying in shape


To keep in shape at home, it is essential to maintain physical activity 1 ! Alone or with the family, many exercises can be practiced at home.

The main objective of this physical activity is not to make you lose weight, it allows you more generally to be in good physical and mental health and to take care of your cardiovascular health

Practice regular physical activity

First of all, note that physical activity does not necessarily mean “sport” or a gym! It also includes active travel (walking, going up and down the stairs) and domestic and leisure activities such as exercise bike, elliptical trainer, gentle gymnastics or even cleaning, DIY and gardening.

Physical activity is often characterized by its intensity .

Depending on the consequences it produces on your body, it can be defined as mild, moderate or high intensity:

Mild intensity :

 breathing is almost normal, without shortness of breath, conversation is possible and the rhythm of the heart is not not accelerated. • Intensity

moderate : breathing is slightly accelerated and shortness of breath is weak, conversation is possible and heartbeat is slightly accelerated.

High intensity :

the breathing is accelerated and the shortness of breath more intense, the conversation is difficult and the heart rate is higher. Start slowly with moderate -intensity physical activity lasting 30 minutes a day. We recommend splitting in 5-10 minute increments. Some outdoor physical activities are particularly suitable for taking care of your heart:

Flexibility and balance exercises

Give yourself at least 10 minutes of relaxation at least twice a week. Flexibility exercises are recommended: yoga, tai chi, stretching, balance, pilates… This allows you to remain flexible while promoting joint mobility. A good way to also work on your balance .

Muscle strengthening exercises

No need for specific equipment. A chair and a bottle of water will allow you to perform many exercises. Body weight exercisesare already very effective! All parts of the body are to be worked: the arms, the legs, but also the neck, the hips, the back, the shoulders.

In terms of duration, 30-second exercises are often offered, but increase the intensity little by little to avoid injuring yourself. It is important to respect progressiveness and regularity so that your body gets used to it gently.

Do you lack inspiration? Do not hesitate to search among the many sports programs and videos available on the internet. However, take care that they are adapted to your level and not too aggressive for your joints. Easier all the same than to bring a sports coach to the house!

Get up and move for a few minutes every half hour: it’s the best way to fight sedentary lifestyle and its harmful effects on health!

A sedentary lifestyle is defined as a state of wakefulness characterized by an energy expenditure less than or equal to the expenditure of rest in a seated or lying position (watching television, etc.)

To keep in shape at home, drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day. Indeed, it is important not to overlook hydration, even at home. Don’t forget to quench your thirst before, during and after exercise , especially in hot weather. It could not be easier ! Keep a bottle of water close to you throughout your effort.

For people with specific health conditions, it may be necessary to take extra precautions and seek medical advice before attempting to achieve recommended levels of physical activity. If you feel pain, discomfort or excessive fatigue after exercise, practice your activity less often and less intensely.

Be aware that for safety reasons, the occurrence of a fever or clinical signs suspicious of Covid-19 (fever, fatigue, dry cough, etc.) will induce the cessation of all physical activity.

However, if you are isolated by being negative, then physical activity and sports sessions at home will be essential to keep in shape from home. In this case, refer to our 5 tips mentioned just above.

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