An Overview of Ketoacidosis from Alcohol

An Overview of Ketoacidosis from Alcohol


Ketoacidosis is a very dangerous life-threatening situation that takes place when any person produces unusually big amounts of ketones (acidic compounds) that cause a total imbalance in the blood pH levels. While often found involved with diabetics, ketoacidosis can also be caused due to alcohol abuse. In this article, we shall give an overview of ketoacidosis.

Alcohol and Ketoacidosis

Ketoacidosis can be put forth by too much alcohol intake in so many ways. Firstly, alcohol metabolism takes precedence over fat metabolism in the liver. As a result of this mode of metabolism, fatty acids, and ketones are produced and transported into the bloodstream, which ultimately leads to ketosis.

Additionally, alcohol causes the reduction of gluconeogenesis, a phenomenon of glucose production from low carbohydrates, increasing the severity of the shortage of glucose and producing more ketone.

Symptoms and Complications

Features of acidosis invasion of the human body through alcohol show signs such as nausea, vomiting, gastrointestinal discomfort, disorientation, and having a fruity smell breath. If left alone to progress, severe dehydration might develop as well as electrolyte imbalances which may lead to a coma or death condition. People with a past of long-term/extensive alcohol consumption as well as those who have pre-existing liver diseases are the most likely to suffer alcohol-induced liver damage.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The case of ketoacidosis syndrome caused by alcohol is diagnosed by giving the patients blood tests for ketones, sugar, and blood pH levels. Treatment targets correcting the underlying imbalance of fluids to revive the body’s water level, glucose control to bring back the blood sugar to normal levels, and proper electrolytes therapy. In the case of worst symptoms, patients might need to be hospitalized and their conditions monitored constantly by the team of health care professionals.


Stopping ketoacidosis from alcohol abuse can be achieved with preventive care. A person should be aware of their alcohol limits, and should not binge drink. Besides balancing your diet and ensuring your hydration, seeking medical attention for alcohol dependence is incredibly crucial in preventing the occurrence of liver problems.

Alcohol consumption is a big reason behind ketoacidosis. Therefore, it is a must to identify such situations at the earliest and go through proper treatments as this condition can put life in grave danger. One must limit their alcohol consumption to lead a normal life.

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